Huron County Doors Open

2016 // County-wide // October 7-10, 2016

This event is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 161st Huron Battalion being formed in May of 2016 and the departure of the unit from Huron County in November of 2016.

It is also an event to honour and remember all who served in World War I from Huron County.

Possible Activities

  • Ancestral Dinner: Prior to the 161st departing Huron County they had a meal at the Bedford Hotel before marching down East Street to board the train. We would like to reenact that meal.
  • Books: Jim Rutledge & Jeanette Elliott would showcase their new book The Heroes of Huron.
  • Church Service: Would be held at Trivett Anglican Church in Exeter. This is the church where the colours of the 161st Huron Battalion hang. This event would be November 6, 2016.
  • Lectures/Speakers: Would include: Jim Rutledge & Jeanette Elliott; Norm Christie.
  • Military Tattoo
  • Music Concert
  • Museum Activities: At the Huron County Museum and North Huron Museum.
  • Poppies: Create a ceramic poppy for all those men and women from Huron County who paid the supreme sacrifice.
  • Re-enactors: Would wear World War I era civillian clothing and military uniforms and march around the square in Goderich, then march down East Street to the Grand Trunk railway station - the place where these men boarded the train for Halifax and then overseas.
  • School Programs: Canada's role in World War I is presently part of the curriculum for grades 9 & 10. I for one would be more than willing to speak to our students about Doors Open and the book Heroes and Huron. Essay contests are also an incredible way to showcase beautifully written pieces of work, as well as a means to inspire within the student body.
  • Soldiers of Song: Re-create a group of World War I soldiers who performed a vaudeville act.
  • Theatre Play: At either the Livery in Goderich, Blyth Theatre, or at the St. Joseph & Area Historical Society. At present, the Huron County Museum and the Blyth Theatre are collaborating on a project that will feature letters sent home by our Heroes of Huron.
  • Vintage Car Show

Possible Legacies of This Event

  • Cairn to commemorate 100th anniversary of the 161st Huron Battalion
  • Cenotaph restoration across Huron County
  • Events Web Site
  • Heritage Plaques
  • Heritage Tours